Distilled links and pictures of our events

Pictures are online of the KMG Belgium seminar with Serge Bridoux. Main topic was third party protection. Click here for the pictures.

More pictures of the Winter Camp with Serge Bridoux can be found here.

Police and protesters, it’s a love-hate relationship… well, more of a hate-hate relationship actually. Marc MacYoung shares his thoughts with us on the topic here.

“People need to get punched in the face more often”. OK, maybe not really, but that’s the title of Wim’s article where he talks about the nature of violence and how people don’t really experience it nowadays anymore (until it’s too late and you’re on the receiving end of a violent encounter). Click here for the article, and you can find the original article Wim was referring to over here.

This is a chilling account of an encounter of a US soldier in Irak. The link goes to a fight he describes in the book he wrote. Makes you think twise about glorifying fights.

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast”… an article on why you sometimes need to slow down during training and make sure that what you’re doing is actually correct.

And on the YouTube front, here are some videos:

  • Ever see dry drills with only one knife attack? This video will make you think twice.
  • Eyal Yanilov showing us the Figure 8 drills we all love so much in warm-ups.

And to top it off, the quote of the day:

“Every asshole has an asshole buddy nearby.” M. Slane