Krav Maga Links of interest for February 1

Links to articles:

  • KMG’s monthly newsletter is out. Here’s the link: Krav Maga Global January 2012 newsletter.
  • KMG also updated the Q&A, find the answers to all your questions here.
  • Wim Demeere continues his line of article on “untrained” fighters, and why it is that they can kick the behind of trained people. Read part 2 here.
  • We came across an article that Jim Hamilton wrote on MMA versus Krav Maga. While both systems are good, he does remind us of the differences in approach: “MMA is a sport, Krav Maga is a survival system. All sports have rules, and for good reason. On the street where anything goes, there are no rules, no ref to protect you, and you need to be prepared for anything. (…) Krav Maga is not better than MMA. MMA is better for the ring. Krav Maga is better for the street. Both have a different purpose so you can not judge them both by the same standards.”
  • Kettlebells, great to ease your back pain too according to this research.

YouTube videos:


Quote of the day:

“The problem is if you cannot imagine something, you also cannot predict it, nor protect against it.” – Gavin De Becker.

Use your imagination… Often people cannot imagine something bad happening to them, or they don’t want to think about it. As a result, they live their life in denial, and fail to prepare and learn to protect themselves. Don’t be that person. Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones before bad things happen.

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