Krav Maga in Splinter Cell: Conviction

Uit Joystiq magazine:

“We had to find a martial art that fits the characters and the situations he would find himself in,” animation director Gilles Monteil tells us in this new dev diary for Splinter Cell Conviction. “We needed something very quick, efficient and brutal — something without any rules. That’s why we chose Krav Maga.”

“Krav Maga is not a big flashy martial art,” game designer Steve Masters adds, which may explain its relative obscurity. Turning to Wikipedia, we discover it has its origins in street fighting and literally means “close combat” in Hebrew, and that the Israeli Defense Force and Special Forces use the martial art to this day. Apparently, stabbing someone in the hand is kosher in a form that has “no rules.”

En nu maar zien of de gamers ook gaan komen trainen…